Like I said before, besides spending a lot of time behind the camera, I gladly spend the rest of the time cuddling with our little dog Izzy. Since I was a young boy I have always loved animals, but especially dogs. The feeling of true unconditional love is just amazing. The only thing we can do is love them back as much as possible.

So when me and my wife found Izzy at the side of the road in Crete there was no doubt this was meant to be. A little cute fur ball abandoned by her owner and left at the side of the road, only to find certain death. We took her home, back to the Netherlands. Probably one of the best decisions of our lives.

In 2018 we were back in Crete and found another stray dog tight to a tree. A skinny two-year-old boy, that we called Wolf. Also dumped by his former owners. We had no choice than to cut him loose and we spend the rest of our holiday caring for him and finding him a forever home. And we did. My wife’s colleague at Wild At Heart Bridal adopted Wolf and since then he has the most amazing life.

Great stories about two stray dogs getting an amazing forever home. But sadly this is not the case for every dog. Not only in Greece but also in other parts of the world, stray dogs and cats are a major problem and many die alone on the streets or end up spending their life locked up in a shelter, far away from love and warmth. That why I support the organization ‘A Dogs Forever Home’ . An foundation focussing on finding adoption families for stray animals found on streets in Greece. Every day they work so hard to get animals of the street, nurture them and finding them a loving home. That’s why, from every wedding I photograph, I am donating 50,- euro to support this organization. This is my way to give back to those that love us unconditionally.

Want to know more about the foundation? Check out A Dogs Forever Home on Facebook, or click the button below to visit their website.


Izzy is our little Greek stray dog, found as a puppy at the side of the road. Taking her in was the best decision ever. With all the love we receive from her, there is not one second that we regret this decision.


Wolf, abandoned and tied to a tree in Greece. He now lives with the lovely Nils and Milou having the best time. Exactly what he deserves.