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The way Jeroen takes his photos is just amazing. It's refreshing, unique and he mixed wedding and fashion photography in the best way possible. A great combination! Besides that he has flawless style and eye for detail and from the moment you'll work with him he will make you feel comfortable. He's always around to get the shot, but also in a very low-key way, sometimes even invisible. With this said I can only say. Jeroen was our amazing wedding photographer, but I would rather call
our life photographer. Because I hope he will be able to shoot more precious moments in our life with friends and family.



Both me and Rea were lucky enough to have Jeroen come to Cambodia and photography our wedding. The pictures are amazing and he captured the day perfectly. From the pre-wedding day until the party. He was there to capture is all. Besides being a great photographer he is also really a nice guy who got on with all of our guests, which made the photos even more fun.. Ending up in the pool.. With his camera.

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I was certain of two things. My dress and my photographer. I would probably had changed my wedding date if Jeroen wouldn't be available. He is without a doubt the best wedding photographer I know. He's different, original and his work oh so beautiful. With every shoot I saw .. I knew this is the one. This guy is photographing our wedding. Jeroen made beautiful pictures of our wedding in which you can see the happiness on all of them. We are super grateful for him to capture our day the way he did. Thank you.

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As soon as we spoke to Jeroen, within five minutes we knew he was going to be a perfect fit for us. Yes, his images are beautiful which is what drew us to him initially but what actually made us book him was how genuine and laid back he was. We have subsequently had a pre-wedding shoot with Jeroen and he was everything we expected and more. We had such a fantastic afternoon which resulted in some truly beautiful photos. When we looked back through our online gallery what struck us most was just how wonderfully he’d managed to capture our personalities. I’ve always thought of photography as 50% skill with the camera and 50% the personality behind it. It was quite clear from the outset that Jeroen has both in abundance and we are absolutely thrilled to have him shooting our wedding. We wouldn’t hesitate for one minute in recommending Jeroen. Book him and I guarantee you’ll love him just as much as we do.

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Not only is Jeroen a well know photographer who is on the rise but he is also a very talented visionary. His eye for detail and his passion for perfection shows in every shot and what’s more he is so effortless with it. Jeroen fully understood our brand, he had done his homework, he was interested in the fabrics, the details, how they moved, who our bride really was and again this was so prevalent within the shoot. He needed no direction! He has a huge amount of respect for the industry and for each brand he works with and i think this is truly reflective in his work. A true gentleman and an absolute pleasure and honour to work with



Jeroen is a very nice photographer to work with. Besides the beautiful photos he made, he also knew how to comfort us during the day. You can really tell when a wedding photographer is a good photographer. He knows how to capture the most beautiful and intimate moments, but in a very low-profile way. It’s almost that he was not there. But we were very happy he was.

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Working with Jerone was really a breath of fresh air. His energy, professionalism and attention to detail are so valuable both with the pre shoot prep and on the day. Jerone’s focus and passion allows me to completely relax and trust him fully, which is really special as a client. Having J on location and set is always that perfect mix of pleasurable, relaxed and productive.
He brings light and warmth to the team whilst somehow never missing a moment to shoot and capture magic. This natural ease extends to post production too, where everything is arranged, ordered and edited beautifully and promptly, making the selection process fluid and easy.
I noticed he’s always happy to have feedback and work to clients needs and preferences. Kind, talented and patient, he is a true asset to any shoot or creative team

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We could not have been more happy with our choice for this guy. He really made beautiful photos which definitely reflects his sharp eye for details, lightning and capturing the right moments. Besides that Jeroen is a great person to have at your wedding. He is enthousiastic, funny and while he’s with us the entire time, he’s also almost invisible. From the start we had a great feeling with this guy and every contact was warm and trustworthy and we can definitely recommend him for your wedding.

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We had absolutely no regrets of having Jeroen as our wedding photographer. He is very nice to us and all of the guests and an awesome guy to have at your wedding. His photos are out of this world straight out of a magazine or a book. And they will definitely end up in a book! Thank you so much.